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 The Rules On Here [Yes there are rules]

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PostSubject: The Rules On Here [Yes there are rules]   6/21/2010, 6:39 am

Welcome everyone! It's a delight to meet you all and I'm glad you're all here at this site.

As the Title says this is a place for Durarara fans to be but this is also the place where we can roleplay it or chat about it and share our thoughts on the anime and manga.

Like every site on displayed on the internet there are rules. Yes we all know it and we live bound by some kind of rule, honestly believe me I would make this without a rule if I could but I can't so bear with me here.

Rule #1: No kind of extreme sexual explicit content, smut is allowed though since it's not so bad.

Rule #2: Do Not Spam. Lame rule but yeah...

Rule #3: When you sign up, make up your own Original Character and tell us who you are in the "Who are you here?" Forum. Whether you're in one of the gangs or just a civilian or something.

Rule #4: Do not harass the other users. If Someone is being harassed please send me a private message immediately and the offender will get a warning and if it continues they will be kicked out of this place.

Rule #5: If you have any questions that you would like to ask me please do so. Okay?

Rule #6: Just have fun on here~. :3
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The Rules On Here [Yes there are rules]
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